Gamification Improves Online Gambling

Gamification is a hot topic these days and it is a tool that is being implemented in many areas, from eLearning to business. The iGaming community has not been as quick to adopt gamification, but some of the leading online casinos have started to use gamification techniques with great success. In fact, online casinos have been using gamification for longer than they realize through the offering of bonuses, promotions and loyalty rewards. These are all a gaming mechanic that is part of gamification as a whole. Gamification at online casinos can increase retention, which is one thing that many online casino operators work hard at. The challenge is that most sites offer similar rewards, so it can be difficult to find those unique things that will appeal to players and keep them coming back for more.

Gamification consists of two basic parts. One is providing an activity for someone to engage in and the other is offering a reward for engaging in that activity. At online casinos, gamification is used through loyalty schemes, leaderboards, point systems and more and many of the most successful online casinos have adopted gamification techniques and use them on a regular basis to promote their brand and create loyal players.

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Aspects of Gamification

Escalated and Incremental Earnings Online

One of the best ways to increase player interest and get them to return to a casino site is to offer incremental and escalated earnings. These are important concepts when using gamification and they can provide a much more enjoyable gambling experience for any player. Incremental earnings are a way of offering rewards for tasks that take a period of time. For example. A casino may offer a bonus when players spin 100 times on a slot or may provide free comp points for playing different variations of a casino game. These rewards come in time and are not immediately offered immediately after a simple task is completed.

Escalated earnings are exciting and players can earn more rewards as they perform different tasks at the site. The rewards and the tasks will increase in size, creating a challenge for the player that will have them returning to the site to meet the stated goal. In many cases, escalated earnings are offered through a leveling system that will allow players to advance to new levels or tiers after they achieve certain things at the site. The higher the level, the more rewards can be claimed. It can become more difficult to obtain rewards at the highest levels, but this will engage players and motivate them to return to the casino in order to complete tasks and challenges.

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Increasing Rewards

Benefits to Players

Gamification will provide benefits for the player as well as the online casino. Very few operating sites would implement a large-scale rewards program if they didn’t get something in return as well. When players have more fun at a site, they will want to return, so the casino is able to get loyal players while will in turn increase their profits. With a string gamification system in place, online casinos enjoy player retention which can help increase brand presence in the industry.

When it comes to benefits for players, there are many. Every player that registers at a casino that employs gamification techniques will benefit from more rewards, better payout, and an enhanced gambling experience. Rewards will be earned from playing games and doing different tasks that would normally be done, so by offering rewards for these things, players will benefit from added perks just for playing the games they already enjoy.

Many players have reported that they have a better time playing at a casino that uses gamification because they feel a sense of achievement as they increase in tier levels and earn more rewards. Increasing the enjoyment for players leads to a better end result for the casino, so everyone is a winner when gamification is put into use.

The various rewards can attract new players as well. Gamification allows casinos to offer much more than the standard bonuses that are featured at almost every operating casino. Instead of focusing on these standard offers, gamification adds a bit of competition to the gambling and allows players to strive to reach different levels and complete goals so they can cash in on the multiple rewards that are being offered.

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Players Benefit from Gamification

Gamification Exceeds Standard Promos

Any player that has engaged in online gambling in the past will be familiar with the bonuses and promotions that are commonly found. These can include standard welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and loyalty rewards. When gamification is implemented, there are even more rewards that can be earned, making for a more enjoyable experience for the player. With these added rewards, players feel they get more value from the casino, which will have them returning to the site for all their future gambling needs.

One of the problems with the standard bonus offers that are presented at a casino site is the terms and conditions, which can include restrictions on games that can be played, values of bonuses and wagering requirements that must be met. Many wagering requirements are quite high and players will find they spend more than the bonus was actually worth.

With gamification in use, there is an alternative to the traditional wagering requirements. Players will instead see a link between the actions they take and the rewards that can be earned. A number of loyalty rewards that are available do not have any wagering requirements at all, so as players increase in tiers, they can get more cash, more credits and will not have to spend more money to benefit from these offers.