The Benefits of Gamification

Gamification is a term that is now widely used and many people have become aware of how this can enhance learning activities, engage employees in the workplace and drive an individual to meet certain goals and achievements, and even lead to exceeding those goals. This is the process of using game mechanics to get a desired behavior or action and it is very successful in increasing user engagement. The psychological principal that lies behind gamification is to provide some reinforcement on a positive level for every action that is taken. We all live in an incentive driven world and most people will expect something in return for their actions. Gamification helps to provide those incentives where it may have been lacking or to increase an incentive that is in place. The results are happier people who feel they make a difference.

The main benefits of gamification include a feeling of worth for the individual and increased motivation and engagement. This can benefit a person in all areas of their life, from the workplace to an educational environment and also on personal levels. We all want recognition for what we do and when gamification is used, people are able to get the positive feedback and know they are making a difference by the actions they are taking. It also helps to meet set goals, whether that is on a professional or personal level.

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Gamification Works

Benefits of Gamification with Businesses

Gamification is often used in a business practice amazing advantages. Not only will it have a direct impact on employees, but it will benefit the business as a whole. When gamification is used, it can help to teach customers or users about what is being offered. This is done by enhancing engagement between the company and customer and will build a better understanding of the company values. In terms of engagement this will drastically increase. Gamification will allow any business to engage with a customer directly and the company will have the opportunity to influence the behavior of those customers.

One of the great benefits is that it makes things fun and will provide stimulation and entertainment for customers. It all lies in how gamification attracts a customer which can lead to an increase in brand engagement, brand awareness and even face-to-face sign-ups. Gamification will keep people entertained through gratification and rewards.

When a customer is able to receive rewards, they will be more loyal to a company. By giving rewards to winners of contests, quizzes and social media actions, customers become dependable and loyal. Since they will be getting a reward in the end, they are more apt to promote a brand and continue to patronize the company.

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Business Benefits

eLearning Gamification Advantages

When gamification is used in an eLearning environment there are many benefits that will be enjoyed. It greatly increases the engagement of the learner by offering experiences that will fully engage the student. Gamification will help with attention holding and will also provide motivation to the student as they will be striving to reach goals to receive rewards. This leads to more active participants and allows students to effectively absorb information.

Gamification will also make learning fun again. In order for students to be successful, they have to want to learn and this can be achieved by using gamification with teaching models. It will make learning an enjoyable experience and will add a bit of excitement. Students will feel as though they are an important part of the learning process and will be more motivated to learn and retain information.

It will also aid in the retention of knowledge. With eLearning, it can be hard to focus or be dedicated, but when gamification is used, students are drawn to the course because they know they will receive rewards or recognition when they perform well on tests or absorb the information. Gamification can improve knowledge absorption by offering activities that are fun and entertaining instead of using standard teaching methods that can be boring and mundane.

If students have fun while they are learning they will be more apt to acquire and retain information. This applies to the most boring or difficult subjects. Learners will enjoy the teaching process more and will actively participate. In many cases, gamification is used so well that the student may not even realize they are gaining new information when involved in an activity. There are endless benefits but the main ones include more motivated students, better absorption of knowledge and a higher level of engagement in the classroom setting.

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Gamified Learning Benefits

Gamification Enhances the Personal Self

Gamification not only offers benefits in the world of business and education, but is also beneficial in a personal way as well. It can improve health and wellness and provide a sense of value to the individual. It will also help to keep one motivated, whether they are trying to reach goals or increase personal performances. Since there are always rewards in pace when gamification is used, people are more driven to succeed, which provides a sense of determination. When one is competing with another, that motivation is enhanced even more, which is why many health and fitness establishments offer contests between members.

Gamification can be used in many areas of life and while it is especially beneficial in business and education, it can also make an induvial more productive in their personal lives. Since everyone wants recognition for achievements, this technique can be used to stimulate people. Motivate them to meet goals and set new ones and even help with financial issues. With so many benefits, gamification has become one of the most used tools to provide engagement, value and interest.

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Personal Benefits of Gamification