Dasein Cloud is an Open Source cloud abstraction library for Java under the Apache Software License v2.0.

About Dasein Cloud

Dasein Cloud (pronounced "da z-eye-n") is a Java-based cloud abstraction layer that enables programmers to build applications under a "write-once, run against any cloud" philosophy. It provides an abstract model under which most IaaS and some PaaS services can be modeled. Developers write applications to the Dasein Cloud model and it is then translated into the underlying cloud provider model.
Dasein Cloud serves up a meta-data layer that enables an application to dynamically discover the capabilities of the cloud with which it is operating. This enables programmers to create conditional logic based solely on the Dasein model, which successfully manages the nuances and leverages the unique capabilities of each cloud.


The Dasein Cloud project and community is growing. As we grow, we will continue to encourage community members to collaborate and share information on how they are using Dasein. If you are interested in being a named reference user/organization, please contact us.
For details on how to contribute, available code, branches, supported clouds and other information, visit the Dasein Cloud project site and Dasein Cloud Wiki on GitHub.
For online collaboration and questions, join the Dasein Cloud HipChat.
For discussion, join the Dasein Cloud Google Group.